Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More flash reverse engineering

The post that I wrote last week that detailed how to use Flare to take a look at the ActionScript for a compiled SWF object. This is useful when you are trying to figure out the details of a flash apps behavior, but what if you actually need to change something about the SWF? Well, the same guy that wrote Flare also wrote a tool call flasm that will disassemble a flash object to a human readable representation of the Flash byte code. It can also reassemble the byte code to a SWF file. This is not action script and unless you're willing to put in the time to become an expert on the flash virtual machine, it's probably not suitable for any major modifications. However, it's great for doing things like changing hard-coded constants.

The basic commands are flasm -d somefile.swf > somefile.flm for generating the assembly file, and flasm -a somefile.flm to generate the SWF file.

Here's an example of changing a hard-coded URL in a set of SWF files using flasm. flasm is cross-platform, and is available on windows, OS X and linux, these commands are from a linux system.

$ for file in `ls *swf`; do /path/to/flasm -d $file > ${file}.flm; done
$ perl -pi -e 's/http:\/\/www\.oldsite\.com\//https:\/\/www\.newsite\.com\//g' *flm
$ for file in `ls *flm`; do ~/flasm/flasm -a $file ; done

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